The AMA Law Group Can Help with Your Criminal Defense

If you or a family member has been arrested for a criminal offense, you are likely feeling confused about what steps to take next. Being arrested and charged can be a very confusing time, but the AMA Law Group is here to help.

You may be nervous about the uncertainty of facing the criminal justice system but rest assured, the situation is not as bad as you might think. Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of the criminal justice system and will lead you through the process with a combination of compassion and determination to ensure your rights are protected under the law.

Our Experienced and Highly Skilled Attorneys Mean You Get the Best Representation

If you have been charged with a crime, your best chance for a favorable outcome is hiring the right lawyer. The highly skilled criminal defense attorneys of the AMA Law Group are dedicated to making sure that each client is given our absolute fullest attention.

At the AMA Law Group, we have experience handling a wide variety of criminal cases. We can provide you with a sound legal defense on cases ranging from white collar crimes, felonies to misdemeanors, drug crimes, DUIs, and violent crimes.

When a person is charged with a crime in Minnesota they will either receive a citation (ticket) or a Complaint. On either document it will state the charge and what level of offense the charge is. In Minnesota there are four different levels of offenses.

  • Petty Misdemeanor – A petty misdemeanor in Minnesota is the lowest level of offense that exists and is not considered a crime. A person convicted of a petty misdemeanor can be fined no more than $300. No jail time will be required for a petty misdemeanor.
  • Misdemeanor – A misdemeanor is the lowest level of crime in Minnesota. A person convicted of a misdemeanor can be fined no more than $1,000 and/or spend up to 90 days in jail. Examples of a misdemeanor are: 4th Degree DWI, 5th Degree Assault, Driving After Revocation, Theft of a value less than $500.
  • Gross Misdemeanor – A person convicted of a gross misdemeanor can be fined no more than $3,000 and/or 1 year in jail.  Examples of a gross misdemeanor are: 2nd and 3rd Degree DWI, Domestic Assault if a person has prior assault related convictions, Theft of a value over $500 but less than $1000.
  • Felony – A person convicted of a felony can be sentenced to serve over 1 year of jail. The fine amount and jail time amount depends on the severity of the charge. Examples of felony are:  1st Degree DWI, Domestic Assault if a person has prior assault related convictions, murder, Theft of a value over $1000.

What could my criminal record look like?

Depending on how your case has been negotiated the conviction may or may not be on your criminal record.   That’s why it’s important to contact the AMA Law Group, PLLC and their lawyers.  They can help negotiate the best possible case for your future.  There are numerous ways a conviction would not appear on a person’s record:

  • Dismissal-  If the case is dismissed by the prosecutor or the Court, no conviction will appear on a person’s criminal record though the public record will show that they were charged with a crime and the case was dismissed.
  • Stay of Adjudication- As a part of negotiations if a person receives a stay of adjudication no conviction will occur and will not appear on their record as a conviction. The person will have to verbally state in court what happened during the crime.
  • Expungement- Expungement occurs after a person’s criminal case has been completed which may include probationary time and other conditions. As a part of the expungement process a person requests the Court to take a criminal conviction off of their public record.

What are my rights?

When facing any type of criminal charges, it is important to know that you possess certain rights:

  • You have the right to remain silent
  • You have the right to be informed of any charges being waged against you
  • You have the right to consult with an attorney
  • You have the right to refuse a field sobriety test
  • You can request independent testing for blood alcohol concentration
  • You can contest the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license
  • You are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt
  • You have the right to confront any witnesses
  • You have the right to examine any evidence being used against you in your trial
  • You have the right to challenge probable cause
  • You can subpoena witnesses to testify on your behalf during your trial or a hearing
  • You have the right to interview law enforcement witnesses prior to your trial, and to compel their deposition if they fail to cooperate

Without knowledge of these rights, it leaves the opportunity for law enforcement

agencies to take advantage of you. Also, when being arrested, you must be read your Miranda Rights, which inform you of your basic rights against self-incrimination. These stated rights, however, do not encompass all areas of the law that may affect you in your case, so it is absolutely necessary to obtain the qualified assistance of a criminal defense attorney before proceeding any further after your arrest.

Having an experienced lawyer that knows the local prosecutors and judges is key to helping you avoid conviction. Call the AMA Law Group today and talk to one of our lawyers about making sure you understand your case and receive the protection you need to avoid jail, keep your drivers license/car or keeping a conviction off of your record.


The legal limit in Minnesota is .08. A first DWI offense with a reading of less than .16 is a misdemeanor level offense, provided there are no aggravating factors. There is a civil side to a DWI/DUI offense, which is the license revocation.

Enhancement: DWI is considered to be an enhanceable offense. What this means is that every DWI a person gets is treated more serious than their prior case. The lookback period is 10 years. Other factors that also make a new DWI more serious on the Criminal side of the case are:

  • Test Refusal which is refusing the breath test down at the police station.
  • Having a child in the vehicle under the age of 16.
  • Test result of .16 or more on the Breath Test Data master (DMT) machine.

Not hiring an experience attorney can lead to license suspension, loss of commercial driver’s license, limits on future employment opportunities, time in jail, fines and higher insurance premiums.  If you have been charged with DWI/DUI, contact one of our experience attorney’s at the AMA Law Group, PLLC.

Juvenile Law

Juvenile cases are handled separately from adult cases in court. There are different rules and different ways of resolving cases. Our team has handled hundreds of juvenile cases.  We have represented minor’s petty juvenile offenses such as tobacco citations and underage consumption to serious felonies such as criminal sexual conduct. Protecting a juvenile’s record and future is paramount in our practice. There are many creative ways to resolve a juvenile’s case and keep their record clean.  Our team has the experience and knowledge of the laws and rules that apply specifically to juveniles. Contact AMA Law Group, PLLC so they can guide you through the court process and help obtain the best result possible for your child.

Drug Crimes

Our team has aggressively defended against charges related to:

  • Drug sales or possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Trafficking
  • Conspiracy
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

Depending on the aggravating factors, the consequences for a drug charge range in their severity, but they can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies. As with all serious criminal charges, they can substantially alter a career, as well as a personal life.  Regardless of the specific details related to a drug charge, it is of utmost importance to reach out to skilled counsel that can defend your rights, financial health and future.  Our attorneys at AMA Law Group, PLLC are ready to defend your rights and we encourage you to contact a member of our team immediately.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery are two crimes that often occur together. Assault is the threat or run-up to a physical attack. Pointing a knife at someone or throwing an object at him or her constitutes assault. Battery, from which we get the words battering and beating, is the actual physical attack.

Assault and battery are often misdemeanors, but they become gross misdemeanors or felonies as the level of violence and physical harm increases.

Internet Crimes

Sex crime over the internet is one of the most frequently prosecuted types of charge. Internet sex crime is an umbrella term that encompasses several different types of offenses. Any illegal sexual activity that is conducted through an online source, regardless of whether or not any physical contact was ever made, is still considered a criminal offense.

Types of offenses

  • Possessing and/or distributing child pornography
  • Exchanging explicit material with a minor over the internet and/or engaging in illicit conversation with a minor through an online source
  • Sexual solicitation and/or conducting human trafficking via the internet

Consequences of an internet sex crime conviction

  • Sentencing to time in prison or jail
  • Mandatory registration in a sex offender database
  • Required payment of criminal fines
  • Future stigma of being labeled as a sexual predator

Violent Crimes

If you have you been accused of a violent crime in Minnesota, you must understand the seriousness of your situation. Many violent crimes are prosecuted as felonies and could carry a lengthy prison sentence as well as a still fine. No matter how austere or unforgivable your crime is seen in the eyes of the law, the legal team at Martin Law Offices stands ready to defend you.

Just because you have been arrested for a violent crime does not mean that you’re automatically found guilty. Stand up and fight for your freedom with the help of a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney from the firm. The legal team at the firm will vigorously fight to discredit the allegations made against you in order to avoid a criminal conviction.

Facing a violent crime charge in Minneapolis?

As you face these grim charges, your career, your family, your reputation and your future hang in the balance. Don’t leave your future to chance! When going up against harsh prosecution, you must counteract it with even tougher legal defense. The criminal defense lawyers at the firm provide effective, high caliber legal representation for the following violent crimes:

  • Assault/Aggravated assault
  • Aggravated Robbery
  • Battery
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Neglect
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Rape
  • Statutory Rape
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Stalking
  • Shooting
  • Weapon Charges


In Minnesota, a felony offense is defined by the sentence one receives when convicted. These sentences start at a minimum of a year and one day and can run up to a lifetime in prison. This is very different from the time served for gross misdemeanors or misdemeanors, which is normally up to 90 days in jail and no longer than a year maximum. Felony cases often have large fines associated with them as well, while lesser crimes have a small fine or no fine whatsoever.

Not only will being convicted for a felony affect your freedom and possibly your financial situation, it will affect your permanent record and your reputation. Having a conviction on your record will affect your personal and family relationships, as well as preventing you from holding certain jobs and or professional licenses. It also can get in the way of your ability to vote, bear arms and even find housing. If you are facing felony charges of any sort, it is in your best interest to contact an attorney at AMA Law Group, PLLC

Sex Crimes

A conviction for a sex crime can destroy a career and professional opportunities, as well as relationships with friends and family.

Even the accusation of sexual misconduct can have devastating effects. Depending on the factors surrounding a criminal charge, the penalties can be exceptionally harsh, including a prison sentence. In addition it can include:

  • Sex offender registration
  • Inability to have contact with minors (sometimes even your own children)
  • Mandatory sex offender treatment program
  • Lack of cellphone and internet use
  • House searches

Our team has the experience and success in handling any type of sex offense.  We have experience working on cases involving:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • Unwanted Sexual Contact
  • Statutory Rape
  • Child Molestation
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Solicitation of a Minor
  • Prostitution

The AMA Law Group, PLLC understands the sensitivity of these types of cases and we will use our experience to formulate an approach that meets your needs. Whether it be aggressive litigation, or solid practical advice and referrals for assessments and services that will tend to result in a favorable plea agreement.

Domestic Assault

Domestic violence charges can be filed against anyone living in a home who is accused of harming or threatening to harm another person in the home. It can be husband against wife, adult against child, child against adult (including elderly adults) or one unmarried person against another.

While it is wise to protect family members against harm by other family members, not all domestic violence charges are what they seem. You can be charged with domestic violence without ever touching the other person.

Domestic violence charges have two dimensions: civil and criminal. The civil part likely involves restraining order charges that lead to a temporary order of protection preventing contact of any kind with the other party. The criminal part is usually an assault charge.

If you are charged with this crime, you already know what the repercussions may be. You may be evicted from your home. You may be kept from seeing your own children. You may lose your Second Amendment rights. Your reputation and career may suffer accordingly.

All of these reasons should motivate you to work with the most experienced, most knowledgeable domestic violence attorney you can find. And you should do it now, because your rights are already in grave jeopardy.


An arrest for theft, like fraud or shoplifting, is not only embarrassing but serious. A conviction can result in fines, jail, a criminal record, loss of employment, and can even affect immigration. It is important to contact a criminal defense lawyer from AMA Law Group, PLLC immediately.

Why Choosing the AMA Law Group Is Your Best Decision

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, an experienced lawyer can make all the difference in your case. When hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you must hire one who has experience with trials and evidentiary hearings. You also must be sure to hire an attorney who will meet with you, understand your case, and fight for your rights, not just handle a plea agreement.

At the AMA Law Group, we are good at what we do, and our help is just a phone call away.

Time Is of the Essence

Don’t wait. It’s important to investigate the details of your case immediately to avoid loss of evidence and witnesses. To give yourself the best chance of winning your case, call our criminal defense attorneys now for a free initial consultation. You will be impressed with our abilities, diligence, experience, and professionalism, which we will use to help you through the process.