The AMA Law Group Can Help with Your Criminal Defense

If you or a family member has been arrested for a criminal offense, you are likely feeling confused about what steps to take next. Being arrested and charged can be a very confusing time, but the AMA Law Group is here to help.
You may be nervous about the uncertainty of facing the criminal justice system but rest assured, the situation is not as bad as you might think. Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of the criminal justice system and will lead you through the process with a combination of compassion and determination to ensure your rights are protected under the law.

Our Experienced and Highly Skilled Attorneys Mean You Get the Best Representation

If you have been charged with a crime, your best chance for a favorable outcome is hiring the right lawyer. The highly skilled criminal defense attorneys of the AMA Law Group are dedicated to making sure that each client is given our absolute fullest attention.

At the AMA Law Group, we have experience handling a wide variety of criminal cases. We can provide you with a sound legal defense on cases ranging from white collar crimes, felonies to misdemeanors, drug crimes, DUIs, and violent crimes. Some of our areas of expertise include:

  •  Assault
  •  Burglary
  •  Criminal Sexual Conduct
  •  Drug Crimes
  •  Disorderly Conduct
  •  DWI/DUI
  •  Federal Crimes
  •  Forgery
  •  Fraud
  •  Expungement
  •  Juvenile
  •  Kidnapping
  •  Probation Violations
  •  Terroristic Threats
  •  Theft
  •  Traffic Offenses
  •  Implied Consent

Why Choosing the AMA Law Group Is Your Best Decision

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, an experienced lawyer can make all the difference in your case. When hiring a criminal defense lawyer, you must hire one who has experience with trials and evidentiary hearings. You also must be sure to hire an attorney who will meet with you, understand your case, and fight for your rights, not just handle a plea agreement.

At the AMA Law Group, we are good at what we do, and our help is just a phone call away.

Time Is of the Essence

Don’t wait. It’s important to investigate the details of your case immediately to avoid loss of evidence and witnesses. To give yourself the best chance of winning your case, call our criminal defense attorneys now for a free initial consultation. You will be impressed with our abilities, diligence, experience, and professionalism, which we will use to help you through the process.